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Getting involved as a Consumer Representative

Getting involved as a Consumer Representative: Consumers are the recipients of healthcare (patients or clients). Every Cochrane Review Group aims to have members who will represent the consumer’s viewpoint in deciding which reviews are done, what questions on which they focus, and how the results are presented. The Cochrane Consumer Network coordinates the involvement of consumers within the Collaboration. You can also contact specific Review Groups for more information.


Consumer involvement

CCCG has recently established contact to two consumer representatives, Vivienne Goodfellow and Georgia Thompson from Sheffield, UK. It is our policy to involve consumers in the ongoing activities within CCCG, from preparing, refereeing or disseminating protocols or reviews to glossary and improvement of our web-page. Individual consumers, particularly representatives from consumer organisations with interests that coincide with our scope (described below) are always strongly encouraged to contact us.
In collaboration with the Consumer Coordinator from the Cochrane Anaesthesia Review Group, CCCG intend to enhance promotion activities by contact to national as well as international societies. 

Our glossary has been evaluated and commented on from consumer representatives from the Capitol Region.